In my previous blog I explained how I have used the past two years to develop a better alternative for Osterwalder’s well known business model canvas. Through interactions with a wide range of managers and entrepreneurs and by contrasting the canvas to the current strategy literature, I’ve gone through several iterations that I’ve blogged about as well – see here for all my blogs so far on business models.

Finally the alternative has crystallized enough to be published as a (hopefully!) final version. Of course I think it is better than the business model canvas and in my previous blog I’ve given many reasons why – but I might not be so objective. Also, the managers and entrepreneurs that I have worked with have told me they like it more. But that is not very scientific evidence either. Therefore, at the end it is up to you to decide whether it is indeed an improvement. So, the jury is out.

I’ve labeled it Strategy Sketch. This name was chosen for two reasons. First, I am increasingly convinced that the term business model has become rather superflous (see again my last blog). The notion has triggered a lot of interesting ideas and useful tools – such as the business model canvas. However, if organizations work with a model like the canvas when innovating their business, they should work with a set of building blocks that covers more than just those of the business model. Otherwise, there is simply too big a risk that important elements are overseen in the process.

Second, the term ‘sketch’ is supposed to express the role of the model in the strategy development process. Using models like this does not lead to a crisp or final strategy. Rather they help to produce ideas, to get inspiration, to create linkages, to find blind spots, etc. In other words, they are useful for sketching out the rudiments of a new strategy.

So here it is.

Strategy Sketch

Strategy Sketch

Please share your opinions and tell what you think about it. As it should be rather self-explanatory, I won’t say anything about it here yet. In later blogs I will explain it more.